Friday, 6 May 2011

Scottish elections - wow

At time of writing this there are just under half of the Scottish seats declared from yesterday's elections (60 of 129 seats). The Scottish system is geared to us having no overall majority for any one party... but wow, it looks like the SNP will romp home to do just this. They need to get 65 seats for majority rule.

The politics of Scotland are exciting, Alex Salmond (like him or not) is exciting. Salmond will win this election for the SNP - he is vocal, combabtive, engagin and Scottish people beleive in him.

Personally, I see the SNP is good for farming and food which is why I support Salmond. Farmers in Scotland benefit from on time single farm payments, Scottish Rural Development funding and political engagement/interest in farming and food.

We've yet to see what the final outcome will be. But it just shows what a strong, forceful and engaged leader can do... against all the odds.

Salmond's next battleground will be Scottish Independence. For the record, I'm not for it. There is more power and strength in the UK as a collective. But the devolved regions (as seen in Scotland) bring local differences, sector differences and approaches which challenge the whole political arena and... from a personal point of view I think devolution has made politics very exciting.

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