Thursday, 21 July 2011

Scalp claims continue in the world of media

If you'd been out of media reach over the past fortnight, on your return you'd be forgiven in thinking that you'd been transported into a Grisham novel set as you see the News of The World saga unfold. Two very senior police officers, the Murdochs, Rebekah Brooks and even the Prime Minister have been caught in the firing line or ducking the bullets.

In our modern world of huge, powerful corporates it is easy to see them as untouchable. But the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and the latest News International phone hacking issues show that even the mightiest is vulnerable if they fail to adopt the basic fundamentals of integrity, responsibility, morality and ethics. A strong corporate ethical code is receiving sharper attention and greater importance and arguably it is of greater shareholder value. Conversely recent headlines have shown that those who sail close to the sun need to watch out for its destructive heat.

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